Courage, Courage, Courage

Everyone has something to be afraid of, we might not all be the same but we all have something to be afraid of. My biggest fear when I was younger was to be afraid to tell the world that I am a christian girl, I always acted like everyone else, just so I could blend in, in other words “fit in” but as the years went by, I managed to realize that it’s not about hiding it, I used to be afraid of letting people know who I truly am. Even when people would ask me if I was Catholic or Christian I would say Catholic. I was afraid of what other people thought of me and then I learned that If I was embarrassed of God, he would be embarrassed of me. My story is not easy to tell, I’ve lived through so many hard stuff that many have not lived through but God gave my family and I the courage to keep going and now we are where we are and it’s all thanks to him. Now I tell you all, maybe you’re like “well, not a lot of people believe in that stuff” I get it, it’s true, not a lot of people do, but I am going to tell you something. A lot of people believe in Courage. So I ask you, if you’re facing something hard, or maybe it’s as simple as you’re afraid to ask questions in class because you’re afraid you’ll look “dumb”, I encourage you to take a step forward and take the Courage to keep going, do something you’ve never done before. Believe you can do something you thought was impossible and actually take the Courage to do it. Courage is the ability to face your fears, difficulties, or pain, just do it! The ability to have courage is to do incredible things anytime. And I tell you one thing… With Courage, you’ll see how many impossible things turn into possible things. Just try it. ♡

♡What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?♡

Vincent Van Gogh

Intro to my blogs (Getting to know me)

Hey guys! This is my first blog and I’m pretty excited because I love writing and I love just being myself. My name is Samantha, I’m 15 years old and I live in the United States. So, I know that the biggest question you’re asking yourself is, well what type of blogs is Samantha going to make? And the answer is that I’ll be making all types of blogs. From my daily life to inspiration/motivation talks, makeup, interests, work, careers, my puppy, e.t.c. The thing is that I’ll be talking about a variety of things, anything you guys want. The most important part is that I’m really excited for this new blog journey! I can’t wait to get to know so many of you! One thing I forgot to mention is that I’ll be putting quotes at the end of every one of my blogs, your first one will be on this one, Anyways, I thank you for reading this blog have a beautiful night and wish me luck ♡

♡ Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace ♡

Christie Brinkley